AAA highly recommends that you purchase trip interruption insurance through Northman for personal cancellation reasons you will be insured so to not loose your investment in your adventure vacation. If you opt out from purchasing interruption insurance you risk loosing your payment, so for a small % of the total trip cost you will have piece of mind if anything should go wrong before and during your vacation..

Call Northman now at +1 (844) 207-7522.

Alpine Air Adventures guiding company uses only ACMG, IFMGA and CAA certified guides to assure the safest and most memorable mountain trip for our guests. Having coverage with Northman ensures that if you do need assistance, it's there and available to you when you need it.

Northman will pay claims at the hospital, so you don’t have too.  They will also not review your claim at the time of injury; when they say they have you covered, you’re covered.  Plus, they will pay for your flight home if you cannot continue your trip.  

Packages up to 10 days start at $38.00 CAD.
Travelling more than once this year?  Annual memberships (unlimited travel!) starting at $17/month. You can travel whenever, for any sport, just ask them!


Here’s a short list of the important stuff:

  • $5 Million in Medical Expenses – meaning if you are injured as a result of your activty, Northman pays your hospital bills.
  • ​Unlimited Travel: Sign-up for a monthly or yearly plan and you can travel as many times in a year as possible, no more needing to remember your insurance.
  • Emergency Evacuation:  Rescue from emergency situations (including helicopter evacuations when needed).
  • No time-of-injury claim review:  This is what sets us apart.  As long as you are not drunk or otherwise impaired Northman has you covered.  Plain and simple.
  • Northman Pays:  at the time of injury they will pay the hospital straight-up (whenever possible).  You don’t have to put your hard earned cash on the line.  Save that for more outdoor gear!


How do I sign-up? Call Northman at +1 (844) 207-7522 and mention the AAA trip you are participating in.



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