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Just because you are an athlete or adventurer, doesn't mean you can't get insurance coverage to keep doing what you love. Northman works with athletes and adventurers of all kinds to build travel, life, and disability coverage according to who you are and what you need.

Not sure what you need, or how much? Just fill out our questionaire and we'll get a quote right back to you. You may want mostly travel coverage with some life, you may want the opposite? It might help to have a look of some typical profiles and sample athlete coverages.

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Most athletes and sport enthusiasts travel. Whether they are professionals, weekend warriors, mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, snowboarders, kite surfers, or runners - they are constantly on the lookout for a great destination.

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Northman provides travel medical coverage, baggage loss and trip cancellation insurance that covers you for your sport. Don't risk being stuck with a huge medical bill because your current policy excludes your sport. With Northman you can go live life large. It's quite simple, get a quote from us right now.


Life Insurance may not be what most healthy athletes and sport enthusiasts think about. They are at the top of their game afterall. But the same exclusions apply to life insurance that apply to travel. Younger athletes can protect their eligibility for lifelong great rates by having life insurance, and, weekend warrier moms and dads can protect their family and each other.

Northman provides life insurance and disability insurance (loss of income from injury) that allows athletes and adventurers of all kinds to keep doing everything they love without risking large financial upheaval in the case of the unexpected.

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We don’t think you should be abandoned when you need help most. Northman was created to provide insurance coverage for athletes, travellers and adventurers. Without loopholes and exclusions we custom tailor your travel medical, life, and disability or income replacement coverage based on your age, family situation, travel needs, sport, and whether you are a professional athlete or not.

Northman has you covered, no matter where the call of adventure or sport may take you.

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